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Active Duty Denial Leads to Serious Veteran Issues

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25-30 Daily Nationwide




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Everyday thousands of men and women complete their enlistments from active duty military assignments. Many self-medicate with alcohol, marijuana, and other subtances to mask the hurt and psychological trauma they were forced to deal with in silence. When these substances don't quiet the voices or inner demons, 25-30 Veterans nationwide commit suicide! Many Veterans seem to have a disconnect with their local Department of Veteran Affairs.

Many Veterans have reported long waiting

periods to see their primary care physicans

have led to seeking immediate alternative

methods to deal with serious issues incurred during active duty tours. PTSD, Mental Health, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Military Sexual Truama, Racism, Homelessness and Economic Crisis are just a few of the issues most Veteran's face. Not knowing how to get help upon getting out, has created hopelessness and hostile feelings with the Department of Veteran Affairs. Despite the massive efforts to get information out to our Veterans, many still don't know how to get help and feel lost !!

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I AM Veteran in conjuction with American Veteran Media, LLC, is a new powerful 60 minute television show

(with ten episodes per season, for entertainment purposes) which focuses on the American Veteran, their issues, their pain, and their hopelessness. Our goal with this show is to travel across America providing a voice for Veterans.

It is our intention to provide hope for our brave hero's by telling their stories, which we hope will

lead to resources being generated to assist, resolve, and empower the needs of the invisible warriors. These stories will be used as advocacy tools on behalf of these voiceless Veterans to effect change with law makers, stake holders, mental health/medical providers and the general public. Thank you for your service is a great saying, but helping our Veterans, demonstrates our thanks for their service one thousand times more!!!

Contact Info:

Mailing Address:

2800 Broadway Street, STE C, Unit #516

Pearland, Tx 77581

If you feel you have a really great story email us or write a detailed letter describing your story. Please be mindful that we are looking for submissions from Veterans. Even if we can't tell your story we are still willing and able to help by providing resources and information that can help. The only way we can make a difference for Veterans is by being brave and telling stories that can help the next man or woman who may be suffering in silence and don't know what to do until they see your story. I AM Veteran is dedicated to stopping Veteran Suicide and helping all Veterans free of charge. You proudly served this country, now it's time for this country to serve you !!! "Their Service, Their Sacrifice, Their Stories" is more than a slogan it's our mission!